One of my greatest joys is helping others accomplish their goals.
I see my role as an encouraging mentor, and I am constantly humbled when I receive words of thanks and appreciative referrals.
We do this journey together, and we BOTH become better for it!


Chris has been my health coach these last 3 years. I underwent gastric bi-pass surgery and along my journey lost 135 pounds! I’m still maintaining, thanks to the tools that Chris has given me. Chris encouraged and taught me a new way of looking at food. Food that tastes good, too! My desire was to be healthy for years to come. Chris is gifted in teaching and leading. She will lead by example, never by pushing. She has been the Woody to my Buzz (Lightyear). She will make you believe you can fly and be there at your landing. She is an amazing person to partner with in your endeavor for better health.


Chris has helped my wife and me transition to a healthy and nutritious lifestyle, and we are forever grateful. Chris has prepared many meals and they were always delicious as well as healthy. She is passionate about nutrition and healthy food preparation but not an elitist foodie. Engage with her and you will not be disappointed.


Chris is very devoted and passionate about living a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. Since I started my plant-based food journey, Chris has been very encouraging and a great resource. Whenever I have felt overwhelmed with making these changes she has been very supportive and calming. She has answered my questions about nutrition, recipe ingredients, meal preparation, and suggested other sources for additional insights.


One of the biggest moments in a young woman’s life is her wedding. In the mist of all the planning, stress over the menu can be overwhelming. My wedding took place in November at a local restored barn. With over 170 people attending, I just knew I needed to offer more than traditional wedding cuisine. After talking with Chris and sharing my vision with her, she came up with a hands-down amazing idea. A modern take on a classic American favorite. Using all vegan/gluten-free ingredients, she masterfully made a BBQ feast. The biggest compliment I received during the reception was how delicious dinner was. Many guests were just blown away that the vegan/gluten-free menu could mimic so closely the flavors of a traditional BBQ dinner. I’m so thankful for Chris and her incredible talent. I highly recommend Chris!