Come to Sedona and experience individualized cooking sessions and plant-based lifestyle coaching in a location known for its beauty and serenity.

The services I provide are all uniquely tailored to fit the needs of YOU.
We initially have an introductory discussion over the phone or in person, 
which allows me to get to know what you would like to achieve and then we go from there.
Below is an outline of some of the areas I can help you with.

Please feel free to complete the CONTACT FORM below if you have questions.


Cooking at home allows you direct control over which ingredients go into your food…and thus into your body. Choosing to cook whole food plant-based cuisine at home is not only healthy but can be thoroughly delicious and satisfying. Let me teach you how!

Often people are overwhelmed when they decide to cook in a new way. Let me remove the steep learning curve (since I’ve already “been there, done that”) and teach you right where you are at. You might be completely new to cooking, desire to get healthier one bite at a time, wish to learn new recipes to make dinnertime more exciting, etc. There is no judgment, just encouragement. 

  • Learn how and what to cook
  • Discover how to make plant-based substitutions for common ingredients
  • Learn tried-and-true techniques that expedite the cooking process
  • Discover new flavor combinations and enhance old favorites
  • Cook foods everyone in your household will enjoy

I offer cooking lessons right in the comfort of my specially designed gourmet kitchen. If you are a local resident, I can also arrange to come to you!



Changing to a plant-based lifestyle is often not easy for many individuals. Perhaps you have been told to change your diet by a medical professional, perhaps you are suffering from a condition that would be eased by consuming more plants, perhaps you are concerned about the welfare of animals and the health of our planet. Each person who decides to make a positive change by eating more whole foods and plants has a unique personal story and may be motivated for a variety of reasons. However, the journey most individuals encounter is often filled with some of the same obstacles or frustrations. Let me help you with the practicalities of making this change work for you.

  • Personalized instruction on how to navigate the plant-based world
  • Understanding all the resources that can make the transition easier and more enjoyable
  • Direction on how to make the healthiest choices in tough situations
  • Setting weekly objectives so you can measure how well you are achieving your goal(s)
  • Understanding how to talk with family and friends about your new lifestyle
  • Discovering new food traditions to make every holiday fun and enjoyable
  • And more and more…